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Winter Supper Club

Our Winter Supper Club was a celebration of all of the wonderful ingredients that are at their best in the chilly months; an evening of warming spices, live music and great paired wines. Thanks to everyone who came. You were a fantastic crowd and we can’t wait for Spring! Here are some highlights from the night:   A #cheeky meal from @bethdoesfood last night #codcheeks and #oxcheeks 👏🏻 plus some quality time with @TonyRoddUK — Sarah McCready (@SarahBMcC) January 13, 2016   @bethdoesfood @markeeeebeeee delicious dinner at the Winter Supper Club — Jessica Andrews (@Jessica7Andrews) January 13, 2016   Amazing French toast and black sesame ice cream by @bethdoesfood with @markeeeebeeee — Tony Rodd (@TonyRoddUK) January 12, 2016

Pickled Pig Grub Club: Review

Before the invention of the supper club, my only experience of communal dining in London was being poked in the sides by the elbows of a chopstick wielding stranger sitting on a cramped bench at Wagamama. I would like to believe that this seating arrangement is designed for people to make new friends but I fear it’s merely a way of cramming more people into the damned place. I like to chat to the people next to me, but only if they want to chat back. Otherwise it’s pretty awful. And that’s why I love supper clubs. Where else can you start dinner with complete strangers and end up eating off each other’s places, sharing family histories, dirty jokes and social media details? London has become a place where eating out is less expensive than eating in, where chains have the same permanently chalked on specials boards at all their branches and the glamour of eating out has pretty much died. Supper clubs have come to the rescue, offering fuss-free delicious food from a menu that …

Michael Sander’s E7 Supper Club

The prospect of a night of communal eating with strangers can be a bit daunting. Especially when you’re not on holiday in a tropical village, sitting on the floor eating with your hands in an attempt to  ‘live like the locals’, and instead in London, where if you try to start a friendly conversation on the tube you’ll probably end up on the front page of the Metro as: Creepy Welsh girl who made conversation with stranger on London Underground is sentenced to 10 years imprisonment for too-social behaviour. But this week my boyfriend and I visited our first supper club and all our reservations were thrown out of the window. Michael Sanders (MasterChef 2014 Semi-finalist) and his girlfriend Naomi run their pop-up restaurant/ supper club every month in E7, underneath a railway arch, in The Wanstead Tap. A table of 20 sat people from all walks of life, some locals, some from far away; but we all had one thing in common. We all just wanted to eat great food – that is the beauty of …