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McCain’s Sunday Best popup – it’s all gravy

So last week we were invited to the preview of McCain’s #SundayBest London pop up, celebrating the Sunday roast with four seasons of roast potato!

It was like Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory for roast dinner lovers – the fountain was filled with gravy, the pumpkins smelt like roast dinner and the ice cream was filled with stuffing and topped with cranberry sauce.


The mighty gravy fountain – there’s nothing more exciting than a water feature trickling with hot steamy gravy!

12190948_10156270350605235_1944880483686458612_n 12193285_10156270350555235_3810444755637926813_n


Roast potatoes smoked with wood chips and herbs!


Sausage, stuffing and roastie cones with gravy and cranberry sauce


Cracking crackers in the Christmas room


Sausage, roastie and stuffing with gravy and cranberry


It’s christmas ‘McCain style!’


Chestnut puree, roastie, turkey and sprouts for the final dinner

I would highly recommend a visit to the #Sundaybest popup in London

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