1. Bethan Perry says

    Hi Beth,

    I’m from WalesOnline and we’re interested in maybe running a story on your cooking achievements and Masterchef experience. Would we be able to talk?

    You can email me at: perryb@cardiff.ac.uk


    Bethan Perry (@BethanLPerry)


  2. Nicky1991 says

    you are my favourite on masterchef, and i think you can even win this series.

    and that cake you made on masterchef , where john and gregg said it was dry , wow it looked stunning. and the lentil dish where you had no sauce, i would have said to you it looked like a painting. that dish with lentils

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  3. andrew dennehy says

    The best chef I’ve ever seen on masterchef. Want to work in an authentic British steakhouse in Bath let me know. 🙂

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  4. Hi Beth,

    please can you drop me a note, I’d love to run an opportunity by you.

    Thank you


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