About Beth


I’m a food writer and cook based in South London, with a penchant for bhajis and black pudding. I write for the The Huffington Post and The South Wales Evening Post and run seasonal supper clubs.

Please feel free to contact me about my supper clubs, food writing, or just to chat about what you had for dinner, at bethdoesfood@gmail.com

Twitter: @elisabethrthomas

Instagram: instagram.com/bethdoesfood

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  1. Bethan Perry says

    Hi Beth,

    I’m from WalesOnline and we’re interested in maybe running a story on your cooking achievements and Masterchef experience. Would we be able to talk?

    You can email me at: perryb@cardiff.ac.uk


    Bethan Perry (@BethanLPerry)


  2. Nicky1991 says

    you are my favourite on masterchef, and i think you can even win this series.

    and that cake you made on masterchef , where john and gregg said it was dry , wow it looked stunning. and the lentil dish where you had no sauce, i would have said to you it looked like a painting. that dish with lentils

    Liked by 1 person

  3. andrew dennehy says

    The best chef I’ve ever seen on masterchef. Want to work in an authentic British steakhouse in Bath let me know. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Hi Beth,

    please can you drop me a note, I’d love to run an opportunity by you.

    Thank you


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