Month: January 2016

The Perfect French Toast

French toast, or pain perdu, or sweet eggy bread. Whatever you call it, it’s the ultimate brunch, and really easy to rustle up when you know how to do it right; chunky bread that’s dunked in cinnamon custard, then pan fried in butter and covered in syrup and sugar! Translated as ‘lost bread’ in French, the original recipe for pain perdu was created as a way to reclaim stale, unused off cuts of bread. It’s the perfect way to use up the crust of an old loaf as the custard softens any hard bits and gives them a wonderful buttery crunch when fried in butter. I love maple syrup for it’s smokey sweetness but you could use honey or blueberries and yoghurt as a sweet topping, or crispy bacon for American-style. Serves 2 to 4 people (depends how hungry you are) Ingredients 2 eggs 100g soft light brown sugar 2 tsp cinnamon powder 200ml full fat milk 4 thick slices of brioche, chollah (Jewish egg-enriched bread) or any leftover bread 40g butter 2 tbsp icing …

Winter Supper Club

Our Winter Supper Club was a celebration of all of the wonderful ingredients that are at their best in the chilly months; an evening of warming spices, live music and great paired wines. Thanks to everyone who came. You were a fantastic crowd and we can’t wait for Spring! Here are some highlights from the night:   A #cheeky meal from @bethdoesfood last night #codcheeks and #oxcheeks 👏🏻 plus some quality time with @TonyRoddUK — Sarah McCready (@SarahBMcC) January 13, 2016   @bethdoesfood @markeeeebeeee delicious dinner at the Winter Supper Club — Jessica Andrews (@Jessica7Andrews) January 13, 2016   Amazing French toast and black sesame ice cream by @bethdoesfood with @markeeeebeeee — Tony Rodd (@TonyRoddUK) January 12, 2016