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Winter Supper Club

Our Winter Supper Club was a celebration of all of the wonderful ingredients that are at their best in the chilly months; an evening of warming spices, live music and great paired wines. Thanks to everyone who came. You were a fantastic crowd and we can’t wait for Spring! Here are some highlights from the night:   A #cheeky meal from @bethdoesfood last night #codcheeks and #oxcheeks 👏🏻 plus some quality time with @TonyRoddUK — Sarah McCready (@SarahBMcC) January 13, 2016   @bethdoesfood @markeeeebeeee delicious dinner at the Winter Supper Club — Jessica Andrews (@Jessica7Andrews) January 13, 2016   Amazing French toast and black sesame ice cream by @bethdoesfood with @markeeeebeeee — Tony Rodd (@TonyRoddUK) January 12, 2016

Michael Sander’s E7 Supper Club

The prospect of a night of communal eating with strangers can be a bit daunting. Especially when you’re not on holiday in a tropical village, sitting on the floor eating with your hands in an attempt to  ‘live like the locals’, and instead in London, where if you try to start a friendly conversation on the tube you’ll probably end up on the front page of the Metro as: Creepy Welsh girl who made conversation with stranger on London Underground is sentenced to 10 years imprisonment for too-social behaviour. But this week my boyfriend and I visited our first supper club and all our reservations were thrown out of the window. Michael Sanders (MasterChef 2014 Semi-finalist) and his girlfriend Naomi run their pop-up restaurant/ supper club every month in E7, underneath a railway arch, in The Wanstead Tap. A table of 20 sat people from all walks of life, some locals, some from far away; but we all had one thing in common. We all just wanted to eat great food – that is the beauty of …