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My store cupboard essential: what’s yours?

Oh boy, do I love a good chutney tray in an Indian restaurant (yes I do).  At home, I have spent many years buying pre-made Sharwoods poppadoms (around £2 for 8 poppadoms).

I now realize that i’ve been CONNED.

If you’re like me and didn’t know that popping your own poppadoms was so easy then take my hand and let’s float away into the future of fast, healthy, cheap snacking.


These babies are an absolute gem:

  • 1 pack of 15 costs £1! (more than half the price of ready made)
  • each poppadom has under 30 calories (that’s less than a small bag of popcorn)
  • heat for 15 seconds in the microwave (and their ready to eat straight away)
  • you can rub each side in butter, coconut oil or ghee (for a richer taste)
  • you deep fry in hot oil for a couple of seconds (Indian restaurant-style)
  • Save a couple of quid on a takeaway and make your own
  • If you’re craving a packet of crisps, whip up a couple with a jar of mango chutney and rejoice
  • Lovely dipped into any Indian dish, curry or dahl
  • Buy them from most large supermarkets and asian supermarkets. They sell these in my local corner shop too.
  • 11391710_10155725608750235_3730817783364994693_n

What’s your store cupboard essential?


  1. m_P says

    That egg curry looks piping!
    Good shout on the poppadoms. I only found out the other day that the wrappers to make Vietnamese Summer Rolls are the same as spring roll wrappers! Plus they’re super cheap and loads of fun

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    • Both Emily. They sell Pataks brand in big supermarkets (Tesco/Sainsburys) but try and look for Indian brands in Asian section (Natco/ Khanum etc.)

      Asian supermarkets will definitely have them too, maybe even the small ones!

      Good luck 🙂

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  2. Whoops, I commented before spotting you’d already added information about where to buy raw poppadoms. Thanks! My store cupboard essential at the moment is balsamic glaze in a squeezy bottle – makes my lunch salads taste so good!

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