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Beer & Buns

I just had to write a little post of thanks to pop-up bar/restaurant ‘Beer & Buns’ for providing a well needed mid-week drink (actually, it was only Tuesday) and the best pork ‘Hirata’ buns i’ve eaten in London!

IMG_0429 (1)

What’s on the menu: Very simple, buns and wings

What to choose:

BUNS- chicken buns are their ‘Signature’ but go for the pork; the bread is soft and pillowy, with sticky pork belly and rich red, saucy cabbage. Prepare to dribble.

WINGS- Korean Hot do exactly what they say on the tin but they are so damn moreish – a deep heady heat and flecked with toasty sesame (thank gawd for a big glass of ice cold Asahi to relieve a numb tongue).

Where: Find it ‘Upstairs’ @ K10, Liverpool St for the near future!

Tip: Visit on Tuesdays for  2-4-1 on all food!

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