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What’s your favourite Indian dish and why?

Late nights these days are spent trawling through recipe books and magazines! I have a desk but there’s not much better than a pineapple duvet cover and Magic FM. Im working on recreating some of my favourite Indian food with a British twist. Beth x


  1. Would really like to see a good section on seafood curries. I know we do warming, hearty kedgeree but some proper Indian recipes treat fish and other swimmers wonderfully.
    To be honest, I’d rather see more concentration on an authentic approach. So much of our ‘Indian’ food is dumbed down. However, the regional variations are so great that you’d have a big job finding a balance.
    Hey – people like spice… just get them cooking!
    Good luck with research… I’ll read the results with interest. 🙂


  2. m_P says

    Well if it’s specifically Indian, then I’d have to say Channa Masala.
    Having grown up in Bradford, I’m used to a much different style of curry than you commonly see in the rest of the UK – Mainly because the restaurants are Pakistani and tend to cook more Punjabi or Lahore style recipes.

    A good channa is amazing. In London the one from Lahore 1 is the best I’ve tasted.
    Another favourite would be Samosa Chaat – which is usually a hot samosa in a cold, tangy sauce. It’s delicious.
    Aside from this, chilli paneer or balti mushroom paneer is ridic.

    Also a proper tarka daal is next level.


    • I agree about a proper tarka daal! Absolutely immense! I’ve never tried Lahore One – would you recommond? Always looking for new Indians to try in London! 🙂


      • m_P says

        Just came back on here to have a peek. Cinnamon looks really good. I wanna try it now!
        I can definitely recommend Lahore 1. It’s awesome
        I have no idea how they get their channa so creamy – The chickpeas literally melt in your mouth. There’s about a pint of ghee in that dish but it’s so premium.
        I also recommend the Chilli Paneer they do. When I describe it, it actually sounds pretty shit, but it’s not – It’s basically like a slightly tangier, fresher and spicier ratatouille but with paneer.. Ha
        Also the “mogo chips” they do are amazing. Basically deep fried yam chips with chilli paste.
        I tried making them at home, but somehow messed it up.
        It’s really cheap too. Like for 2 people it’s usually less than £20 including breads and a side of mogo. Bring your own booze with a Tesco next door. Proper.

        There’s a few others that are worth trying too – a couple on Drummond Street and a few south..
        In fact you’re welcome to join our curry club on Facebook if you fancy – we’re called “Ghee Club” and we meet up every couple of months/whenever we’re all not busy or cba.
        It’s a social affair, and we all unite through our quest for proper curry!
        Pizza club will be starting soon, but I reckon there’s only about 5 pizzas worth entertaining in London.. 😀


      • Thanks for all the advice. Please send me the link to your Ghee Club on Facebook. I can’t find the link but sounds great to me!


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